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What to expect when you train with us.

When you train with DID, you will walk away with the self-protection knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to prepare for the unexpected. No matter what your experience, we have training tailored to you, including classes focused on the following:

  • Self-defense techniques
  • How to properly use pepper spray
  • Items in your pocket or purse that could save your life
  • Not comfortable in a group setting? Try private, one-on-one training
  • Safety plan and awareness tips
  • Firearm safety rules and procedures
  • Proper shooting form

If you don’t own a firearm, no problem. All required equipment for training can be provided by DID. Check out our training classes today.

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Chestnut Mountain Ranch staff had a day of training before our students returned. The training was held at DID. Anne and the staff were phenomenal, attentive to detail, and truly made the experience fun. I would recommend this for any company that wishes to invest in their leaders and set the tone and direction of their company in a unique and fun environment.

Steven Finn