Defensive Gun Use Video: Pawn Clerk Kills Armed Intruder

Police have just released video from a pawn shop robbery that turned deadly after a store owner was forced to shoot one of his attackers with a concealed firearm.

As the clerk takes a bicycle out the front door, two assailants enter.  One points a gun at his head, while the other moves past them to begin looting.

The gun-wielding assailant turns back to close the door, and in that moment the clerk takes action.  He sidesteps quickly behind cover toward a storeroom and draws his weapon.  When the intruder turns the corner, he is shot several times.  He survived long enough to collapse on top of the clerk, but died from his wounds.  Moments later, the owner is seen hurrying to a telephone with his hands covered in blood.

Without celebrating the death of the perpetrator, we are thankful that the victim was able to react quickly enough to preserve his life and property.

Do you know how you would react in a situation like this?  Would you instinctively look for cover?  Have you trained in situational awareness and the mechanics of drawing your concealed firearm under stress?

If you want to be more confident in your concealed carry, come get trained with us!