Our DID Shootout Match is held every Tuesday evening from 6-8pm.  Sign up anytime before 6pm. Your first match is free. This competition match is based on USPSA ( United States Practical Shooting Association) which involves engaging targets while moving,  as well as through windows and around walls.

The minimum gear required:

pistol or pistol caliber carbine

an outside the waistband holster

2 magazine pouches

3 magazines

Guests are welcome to come watch the match to see of they would enjoy competing. For rules and regulations please check out, if you have any other questions please email them to 








Tactical and Everyday skills and drills.

We will be utilizing pistol and rifle skills for practical application.

Each month shooters will walk into an unknown course of fire, which will include practical applications of low light, target acquisition, multiple threat engagements, etc.

150 Rounds Needed

Members $25

Non-Members $30

Duration: 2 Hours

Check Back for Dates

 4-6 P.M.



Women's Wednesday

Free range time for all ladies every Wednesday from 4p-7p.


Date Night

Every Friday Night couples can enjoy our range at a discount.  Buy one get one free lane rental (2 people 1 lane) and Buy one get one free firearm rentals. 

Monthly Calendar of Events

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