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At our GSSF matches, you will have a blast with other competitors who share the same interests. Our indoor competitions are a great way to safely shoot a Glock pistol, and improve your skills. Here at DID we host these matches on the last Sunday of each month.  Signing up only takes a few moments, and can be done in-store.

Regardless of your ability, you will be entered to win a Glock pistol and other prizes (you must compete in at least two of the three matches to be eligible to win).
Interested in competing? Join us on Sunday, November 24th at 1pm for our next match!

DID is thrilled to announce our Masters Academy Cup! Our Masters Academy Cup is a series of three indoor shooting competitions open to everyone! Interested participants can compete every second Sunday of the month at 1pm. Join us for our next Master's Cup on December 8th. Participants will compete in three categories: 

  • FOB- fresh out of the box (basic pistol with NO modifications)
  • MOD- modified, customized pistols only
  • PCC
    Only $15.00 for DID Members, and $20.00 for non-members.
    The winner will receive a $600.00 in store credit!


Monday Night Shoot

Competition styles vary each week. These shoots are open to the public and winners are awarded prizes! $20 to participate and $15 for DID Members.


You don't need a gun to protect the ones you love.

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