New Shooter Blog

Hello there!

Welcome to Defense In Depth’s New Shooter Blog. This blog is intended to take first time shooters through the process of learning how to successfully and safely shoot a firearm.

Let me start by introducing myself…

My name is Gabri Bonazzo, and I’m Defense In Depth’s new Marketing Coordinator originally from Gassaway, West Virginia. I graduated from Glenville State College, and recently moved to Morgantown to join the DID team. While I’m excited to be on board, I never would have thought I’d be working at a shooting range. Like some of you probably reading this, I had zero experience with a firearm prior to working here.  Shooting has always been something I’ve wanted to learn, but found to be a little intimidating.

You might feel the same way, but after taking a class with our Director of Training, Aaron Marko I promise that feeling goes away. Aaron is not only highly qualified and experienced, but he’s able to really break down the basics for beginners. For example, before heading to the range you’ll begin in a classroom setting where you go over proper grip, stance, safety, sight alignment, and racking a firearm. As you can see in the video below, Aaron really made sure I had a good understanding of trigger control, proper stance, and grip before ever heading to the range. We practiced with a Sirt Trainer (a laser gun used for training) then a real (unloaded) handgun.

The classroom portion for our First Shooter program ensures your prepared, safe, comfortable, and ready to hit the range. I had a great first experience, thanks to our incredible trainers at DID. One of the great things about being a new shooter at DID is you can take advantage of our New Shooter Bundle. This bundle is only $49.99 (valued at $89.99) and includes

  • 30 minutes of private instruction from one of our Range Safety Officer’s
  • One hour of range time
  • One handgun rental
  • One target
  • One box of ammo

Next week I head to the range to shoot for the first time. I hope you’ll continue to follow along, and see how I progress. If you’re interested in taking advantage of our New Shooter program, please give us a call or visit us online. I promise its fun, safe, and definitely worth your time.