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Active Shooter Response Training Course

Feb 20, 2018 12:36:02 PM / by Savannah Ashworth


February 20, 2018

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Active shooter preparedness training courses are now being offered to local businesses, churches and organizations who want to prepare for the unexpected.

Defense In Depth, a Morgantown-based firearm safety and personal defense training company, announced a new “Active Shooter Response” course specifically designed for businesses, churches, organizations and individuals to prepare and equip people for virtually any dangerous, unforeseen situation they may find themselves in.

In this course, Defense In Depth will teach you the recommended ways to survive an unexpected active shooter situation with or without a firearm. It is specially developed for individuals who may not feel comfortable carrying a firearm, as well as those who carry firearms and/or have experience with firearms.

The course will be conducted by the highly-trained Defense In Depth staff comprised of former police and military experts.  This comprehensive training will include “real life” active shooter situation preparedness using the facility’s 180-degree, 33-foot-wide simulator that offers life-size scenarios.  Students have the option to train with laser operated, CO2 powered training firearms simulating realistic shooting.

Additionally, Defense In Depth also offers personal safety training specific to the student’s personal environment and will come to your location to train you, your family, friends, co-workers and staff on the recommended way to survive an active shooter situation.

The “Active Shooter Response” courses are available every month, and scheduled in February for Sunday, February 25th from 3:00pm to 7:00pm at Defense In Depth 1389 Earl L. Core Rd, (adjacent to Ranch Quick Lube) in Sabraton Plaza.  You can reserve your spot in this vital training by registering in-store or by calling Defense In Depth at 304-554-3363.




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Savannah Ashworth

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