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After Near-Certain Death, Campus Carry Bill May Become WV Law

Feb 28, 2019 5:08:26 PM / by Savannah Ashworth

The Campus Carry Self Defense Act may soon become law in West Virginia.

The legislation prohibits public universities from punishing students and faculty who carry firearms on campus -- if they have obtained a valid concealed carry permit, which requires a criminal background check and safety training.  Eleven other states have already implemented similar legislation.

Opponents almost killed the bill yesterday, but a flurry of political intrigue followed, ending with a third reading of the bill.  Amendments were voted on for hours, most of which were rejected.  You can see the full video of the debate and amendment votes here.

WV News covered the story this way:

Delegates were set to vote on the campus carry bill earlier in the day. But minutes before the House floor session began Wednesday morning, the Rules Committee voted 10-8 to take the bill off the House’s active calendar. That could have effectively killed the bill, since Wednesday was the last day to pass a bill out of the chamber it originated in.

Delegates could have suspended the House rules to bring the bill to the floor despite the vote of the Rules Committee.

House Majority Leader Amy Summers, R-Raleigh, moved to do just that and allow delegates to vote on the bill. But suspending the rules requires a two-thirds majority vote, and Summers’ motion failed to meet that threshold, with 59 delegates voting to bring the bill to the floor for a vote and 40 delegates voting to keep it off the floor.

Later Wednesday, however, the Rules Committee reversed course and put HB 2519 on the active calendar for the House’s 7 p.m. floor session.

The Senate is expected to approve the bill this week, but as always in politics, nothing is certain.

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Savannah Ashworth

Written by Savannah Ashworth