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Carry Permits for Women and Minorities Soar

Sep 14, 2018 4:33:17 PM / by Savannah Ashworth

According to new research data by the Crime Prevention Research Center, the number of concealed carry permits soared to 17.25 million last year – a 273% increase since 2007.  Women and minorities are driving a significant portion of those increases.  Between 2012 and 2018, the number of permits grew 111% faster for women than men.  Over the same time, permits increased 20% faster for blacks than whites, and 29% faster for Asians.

You can read the detailed report with tons of great information about the state of concealed carry in the nation here.

Additional data summaries from the report:

  • Last year, despite the common perception that growth in the number of permit holders would stop after the 2016 election, the number of permits grew by about 890,000.
  • Outside the restrictive states of California and New York, about 8.63% of the adult population has a permit.
  • In fifteen states, more than 10% of adults have permits, up from just eleven last year.
  • West Virginia is in the top 10 states with largest concealed carry population at 11.87%
  • Four states now have over 1 million permit holders: Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Texas.
  • Another 14 states have adopted constitutional carry in all or almost all of their state, meaning that a permit is no longer required. Because of these constitutional carry states, the nationwide growth in permits does not paint a full picture of the overall increase in concealed carry.



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Savannah Ashworth

Written by Savannah Ashworth