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After Near-Certain Death, Campus Carry Bill May Become WV Law

The Campus Carry Self Defense Act may soon become law in West Virginia. The legislation prohibits public universities from punishing students and faculty who carry firearms on campus — if they have obtained a valid concealed carry permit, which requires a criminal background check and safety training.  Eleven other states have already implemented similar legislation.  … Read more

New Shooter Blog

Hello there! Welcome to Defense In Depth’s New Shooter Blog. This blog is intended to take first time shooters through the process of learning how to successfully and safely shoot a firearm. Let me start by introducing myself… My name is Gabri Bonazzo, and I’m Defense In Depth’s new Marketing Coordinator originally from Gassaway, West  … Read more

Can You Pass the FBI Qualification Test?

In January of this year, the FBI updated its firearms qualification test.  The test requires one box of ammo (50 rounds), fired at a slightly modified QIT target. Interested to see how you’d do?  First thing’s first. Many of these drills involving drawing from a holster, which is a skill that should be practiced first  … Read more

South Dakota Gets Permitless Carry, Oklahoma Following Soon?

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem recently signed into law a bill that allows lawful residents to carry concealed weapons without obtaining a permit from the state.  The shift makes South Dakota the 14th state to enact “constitutional carry”. It looks like that number may soon be raised to 15, as the Oklahoma House signed their  … Read more

Two Defensive AK-47 Shootouts in Two Months

Two major shootouts in which the good guy used an “AK-47” have hit the news since Thanksgiving.  (Note: The term “AK-47” is common shorthand for all AK pattern rifles in the media, and we’re not sure exactly what types of rifles were involved.)   The Fix or Cell Burglary Our first story takes place in  … Read more

Gun Owner Kills Armed Intruders Holding Mother at Gunpoint

This story out of the Orlando area: TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Two men shot and killed by a homeowner in a Titusville home invasion Thursday have been identified as Alvin Smalls and Amir Rashad Lynn, according to deputies. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said Smalls, 20, of Titusville, and Lynn, 18, of Mims, broke into a  … Read more

Georgia Carrier Stops Armed Robbery in Progress

This story from NBC affiliate 11 Alive in Dekalb County, GA: An armed robbery was foiled Tuesday morning when a person police described as a Good Samaritan shot and killed a would-be robber who pointed a gun in the face of a Family Dollar store employee in DeKalb County. It happened at about 9:45 a.m. at  … Read more

Another Meetup Gone Wrong, This Time Near Chicago

For the second time in a week we highlight a self defense shooting out of the Chicago area.  And for the second time in as many weeks, a self defense shooting occurs after two strangers used the internet to arrange a sale. This time, a 30-year-old man used the Letgo app to arrange a midday  … Read more

Female Security Guard Takes Out Man With AK-47

Latoya does not mess around.  She was serving as a private security guard at a club in Huntsville, Alabama when a fight broke out inside.  A man who was kicked out of the club during the incident went to his car, retrieved an AK pattern rifle, and headed back toward the front door to settle  … Read more

Chicago Woman With Carry Permit Shoots, Kills Armed Robber (Video)

A woman standing at a Chicago bus stop was nearly robbed at gunpoint this week. Surveillance video does not show the moment she fired at the man, striking him in the neck, but in the later portion of the video, she has clearly been knocked to the ground.  Local Chicago news ran this story. Concealed  … Read more

Armed Self Defense Involving LSU Running Back

This report out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana reminds us to be careful when meeting up with strangers to sell personal items.  LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire and another (unidentified) student athlete did just that when they attempted to get some holiday cash by selling some electronics just before Christmas. The two athletes showed up to  … Read more

Armed Robbery at Morgantown Subway This Morning

At approximately 10:15 a.m. on December 27, 2018, officers of the Morgantown Police Department responded to reported armed robbery at 356 Patteson Drive, Morgantown (Subway).  Officers arrived on scene and are currently investigating the incident.  The suspect is reported to have been armed with a firearm and took an undetermined amount of cash. The suspect  … Read more

Morgantown Burglars Go To Jail Without Presents

The Morgantown Police Department sent us this notification about a burglary gone wrong the day before Christmas: At approximately 11:55 p.m. on December 24, 2018, officers of the Morgantown Police Department responded to a reported Burglary in progress in the 500 block of McLane Avenue. As officers approached the area, they heard glass breaking and  … Read more

Pistol-Packing WV Mom Scares Away Burglars Offering ‘Free Christmas Presents’

A Wayne County mom was glad she had her Shield M&P 9mm last week, when two apparent burglars showed up offering Christmas presents.  A report from WSAZ tells the story: Two takeaways here: 1)  Be careful who you open your door to. 2)  Most “defensive gun uses” don’t involve anyone being shot at all.  Usually,  … Read more

Pittsburgh Banning Guns, Protesters Gathering This Monday

Pittsburgh is proposing an “assault weapons” ban, but state law and legal precedent probably stand in the way.

Man Arrested For 3 Morgantown Armed Robberies

Police believe they have the man responsible for the armed robberies at Gamestop on Hornbeck Rd, Smoker Friendly at Pierpont Centre, and Books-A-Million at Pierpont Centre.  Police just sent us this press release.   On December 20, 2018 at approximately 11:12 a.m., detectives from the Morgantown Police Department and Monongalia County Sherriff’s Department executed a  … Read more

The Meditative Zen of Target Shooting

For people unfamiliar with guns, attitudes and opinions about them are often strongly informed by 1) movies and 2) the news. In the stories of both of these sources, shooting guns is above all an aggressive act.  But in real life, the opposite is usually true. In fact, target shooting may be the perfect zen  … Read more

55-Year-Old Woman Attacked Before Church, Kills Intruder

A woman protects her daughter and another 75-year-old woman from a home invader on her way to church.  An online news source from the area gives this report: A deadly shooting involving a mother and daughter happened Sunday at a home located on the 9000 block of Mark Twain Street, according to police. The shooting  … Read more

Woman Takes Concealed Carry Course, Attacked By Escaped Inmate

We keep an eye out for stories that are shining examples of the responsible use of firearms and defensive training.  The AP says this is one of them, and we agree.  The almost-victim took the time to purchase a firearm and to get training for its use, and probably ended up saving her own life.  … Read more

Shooting in Morgantown Alley

Are you prepared for the unexpected?  Another shooting last night in an alley near Listravia Avenue.  The Morgantown Police Department sent out this press release this morning:   Morgantown Police Investigate Listravia Avenue Shooting On Monday December 10, 2018, at approximately 8:45 p.m. officers of the Morgantown Police Department responded to a report of a  … Read more

Ohio Passing Tons of Important Gun Rights Legislation

“Stand your ground”, rights of renters, penalty reductions, and the presumption of innocence in self defense shootings… Ohio is going hard.

Study: California’s Background Checks Have No Effect on Homicide or Suicide

Anti-gun researchers just studied California’s most important gun control laws. Results: No effect on violence or suicide. We’re shocked.

Concealed Carry: Know When to Hold ‘Em.

Two concealed carriers carefully hold violent suspects at bay, while a security guard empties a magazine at a shoplifter.

Proving Themselves Wrong: Gun Control Advocates Keep Breaking Gun Laws

What do Ashton Kutcher, a priest, and a congressional candidate all have in common? They all broke gun laws … while protesting gun laws.

Wyatt Earp’s Colt Single-Action Army Auctioning Today

This post was written by the awesome guys over Ammoland, but we thought you history/gun nuts would like to read it:   While Morphy Auctions strives to make each of its sales a special occasion, some just naturally rise to superstar status within the collecting community. That would be the case with Morphy’s Oct. 30-Nov.  … Read more

VIDEO: Violent Car Jacking Spree Ended by Concealed Carriers

Firefighter and pastor stops violent shooting / carjacking spree in a Walmart parking lot

When Animals Attack: Concealed Carry Edition

Attacks this week by a crazed Japanese snow monkey and a vicious dog remind us that bad guys aren’t the only dangers.

Man Who Shot at Someone Outside Daughter’s Window May Face Charges

A Colorado man may be facing charges after shooting at a man in his back yard.

Defensive Gun Uses of the Week

Morgantown is now the center of a viral fake news story about guns, and we discuss several real defensive use stories from the past week.

Carry Permits for Women and Minorities Soar

According to new research data by the Crime Prevention Research Center, the number of concealed carry permits soared to 17.25 million last year – a 273% increase since 2007.  Women and minorities are driving a significant portion of those increases.  Between 2012 and 2018, the number of permits grew 111% faster for women than men.   … Read more

Armed Robbery in Morgantown

Police were called to the 300 block Madigan Avenue in the Hopecrest / First Ward area yesterday around 5pm after receiving a report of an armed robbery. The victim reported that one suspect held him down, another held a knife to his throat and the third went through his pockets and took his property.  According  … Read more

Home Invasion Preparedness

It’s National Preparedness Month, which directly relates to our mission: preparing our customers for the unexpected.  We’ve talked a little about basic disaster preparation, but since DID is focused primarily on defense, let’s focus on something a little more directly related to our area of expertise: home invasion preparedness.  Here are some things to keep  … Read more

Basic Disaster Preparation

It’s National Preparedness Month!  The mission of Defense In Depth is to help our customers prepare for the unexpected, so let’s talk about emergency basics.  After 2014 water crisis in Charleston, West Virginia does not need a reminder of how easily basic needs (like safe tap water) can disappear.  Electricity is equally sensitive to infrastructure  … Read more

N.C. Town Bans Guns During Hurricane Florence, Quickly Regrets It

As Hurricane Florence bears down on the east coast, many cities are effectively shut down and evacuating.  But before Florence made landfall, another storm was brewing. The coastal town of Leland, NC, issued a series of emergency orders earlier this week which banned “transportation or possession” of any weapon while off one’s own premises.  This  … Read more

Student Safety Guide

September is National Preparedness Month! As the semester kicks into full gear, we wanted to offer some safety tips designed for WVU students in the community. Our company’s mission is to prepare Morgantown for the unexpected, and an important part of that is knowing how to avoid danger in the first place. Check out these  … Read more

Where & How Women Carry

Our friends over at The Well Armed Woman released some new sales data last week about the holsters and positions used by women who concealed carry.  We thought you might be interested in taking a look.  Among the key findings are that most women (42%) are carrying in an IWB (inside-the-waistband) holster.  The next two  … Read more

Tap-Rack-Bang: Clearing Simple Malfunctions

Almost every firearm will malfunction at some point, but this post is specifically for new owners of semi-automatic, magazine fed guns. DID range safety officer Andrew Royce says that the best way of dealing with malfunctions is to avoid them in the first place. “You’ve got to clean your weapon.” Royce says it’s a good  … Read more

Video Roundup: This Week in Defensive Gun Use

Concealed Carry Holder Rescues Woman from Carjacking Houston Grandma Shoots Man Exposing Himself While Breaking into Her Home Two Concealed Carriers Shoot, Kill Armed Robber Intruder Takes Homeowner’s Shotgun, Homeowner Takes it Back & Fires

Three Recent Defensive Gun Uses By Women

It’s impossible to keep up with every defensive gun use in the country.  They happen more often than fatal car crashes, and media is generally not fond of reporting them.  Nevertheless, for those interested in being prepared for the unexpected, it is important to see what we can learn from these situations when they occur.  … Read more

Krav Maga classes now being taught at Defense In Depth

“There are many forms of self-defense that are taught but a new form of marshal arts has made its way to Morgantown…Krav Maga is a type of marshal arts that originated in Israel and has a focus on self-defense techniques.” Check out the full news story here!

Defensive Gun Use Video: Pawn Clerk Kills Armed Intruder

Do you know how you would react in a situation like this? Would you instinctively look for cover? Have you trained in situational awareness and the mechanics of drawing your concealed firearm appropriately?

Getting Pulled Over With a Gun in Your Car

  While it’s true that citizens with a concealed carry permit are some of the most law abiding in the nation, we all make mistakes.  If you carry every day, you will probably be pulled over by police at some point while your firearm is in the vehicle.  What is the best way to keep  … Read more

Wild High-Speed Vegas Shootout Caught on Video

A recent police body camera video is stirring up lots of conversation in the law enforcement and firearms training communities. On July 11th, two convicted felons murdered a Las Vegas resident and fled the scene in a stolen Ford Expedition. Two hours later, the SUV was spotted by officers, and multiple police cruisers engaged in  … Read more

Krav Maga Joining DID

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grand Opening of West Virginia’s Only Krav Maga Studio Defense In Depth is hosting a grand opening for the state’s only Krav Maga studio on Saturday, July21st. The event will feature several free introductory classes, food and giveaways. Krav Maga is an Israeli combat system that was developed to help Jewish citizens  … Read more

In the News: Women Saving Friends & Family With Concealed Guns

Two recent stories of women defending what they love with concealed weapons.

News Nightmares: Why Active Retention Is Worth Considering

Several nightmare gun scenarios have played out in the news over the past few weeks. All could have been prevented by retention holsters.

Gun Dating Sites Take Off

Online dating can be tricky for people who carry guns.  What if you finally meet someone you really click with, only to find that guns are a problem for them – possibly even a deal-breaker? How can concealed carriers avoid this wasted time and disappointment?  Do you bring up guns right away (which can be  … Read more

The Pepper Spray Option

For those who choose not to carry a firearm (or work/visit places that prohibit it), pepper spray is a self defense tool that should be strongly considered. The active ingredient in pepper spray is called “oleoresin capsicum”, usually abbreviated as “OC”. Hot peppers (like chilis) are ground down into a powder, and the OC is  … Read more

Why the Lawsuit Against the “Broward Coward” Will Probably Fail

Not long after the Parkland school shooting, surveillance video surfaced showing a Broward County officer calmly standing outside the school as a massacre took place inside. Many police officers and news outlets labeled him a coward. Scot Peterson resigned, but contends that even though he heard gunshots, he did not know a mass shooting was  … Read more

Come Try the Perfect Gun for First-Time-Shooters: the Shield EZ

The Shield EZ is the perfect pistol for new shooters, and we’ve got it ready to try out.

FBI: Concealed Carriers Stop At Least 8% of Active Shooters

Only 1% of the population carries guns concealed, but they stopped between 8% and 14% of all active shooters in the last 4 years.

New Shooter Series: Taking Scary Steps Can Be Worth It

For people who are familiar with guns, it’s easy to forget how intimidating the experience can be for first-timers.  But Defense in Depth store manager Wil Jackson says that some of the most rewarding lessons in our lives are often the most frightening at first.  And in the end, we usually smile that we were  … Read more

Violent Midnight Break-Ins on Brockway Avenue

Last night at midnight, two men broke into the apartment of a female resident living at 261 Brockway Avenue, only 1.2 miles away from Defense In Depth.

WV Gun Homicides Drop 33% as TN and OK Reject Constitutional Carry

West Virginia became a Constitutional carry state in 2016. According to the state’s Health Statistics Center, gun homicides dropped in the first year by 33%, from 66 deaths to 49. Accidental gun deaths in state barely exist, dropping from three deaths to two.

Choosing Your Concealed Carry Holster

Once you’ve chosen a concealed carry firearm that works well for you, the next step is choosing your holster.  The decision may seem less important, but remember: your holster will determine how safely and efficiently you can access your firearm in the event of an emergency. Defense In Depth assistant manager CJ Clevenger says that  … Read more

Reasons to Consider Revolvers

One of the first questions facing new handgun buyers is guaranteed to spark debate: revolver or semi-automatic? Without question, we are living in the age of the semi-automatic concealed carry pistol. More guns of this type are sold than any other in the U.S. But Mansell Jones at Defense in Depth believes that the obsession  … Read more

Why Get a Concealed Carry Permit in WV?

As of 2016, West Virginia is a “Constitutional carry” state, meaning that any law-abiding adult can carry a firearm concealed without a permit. So is there a reason to get a concealed carry permit at all? Jared Edgreen is a Defense In Depth trainer with 9 years of experience with the Secret Service.  He is  … Read more

At Work with Alison: Defense In Depth

Check out the full story by clicking here!

Defense In Depth offering self defense training

Read the story by clicking here!  

Active Shooter Response Training Course

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 20, 2018 Contact Nick DeMedici 304-554-3363 Active shooter preparedness training courses are now being offered to local businesses, churches and organizations who want to prepare for the unexpected. Defense In Depth, a Morgantown-based firearm safety and personal defense training company, announced a new “Active Shooter Response” course specifically designed for businesses,  … Read more

Sweetheart Shoot – Valentine’s Day Specials

Defense In Depth’s Valentine’s Day Specials Now Through February 14th! Bring your sweetie to Defense In Depth now through February 14th for a special Valentine’s Day. Purchase one of our Sweetheart Deals and get entered to win the Sweetheart Package – valued at over $1,000. Sweetheart Deals* One lane rental for $19.99 and the second  … Read more

Why should you become a DID member?

Our memberships are the ultimate way to experience Defense in Depth, and come with a multitude of benefits, including: Free range use No annual contract 10% off select training programs One free gun fitting So, which membership is best for you? Individual The individual membership plan is ideal for those who would normally visit our  … Read more

10 Questions about Defense in Depth

How is this range different from others in the area? Defense in Depth is the largest indoor shooting range in West Virginia. Our facility features the latest in shooting technology, firearms, simulators and ranges, and includes a store with more than $1 million in inventory. Defense in Depth allows you to shoot, train and shop all  … Read more