Private Training

Some things are so unexpected that no one is prepared for them.  However, here at Defense In Depth our vision is to create a place where people can learn about firearms, and train to defend themselves and their families.  We are here to make this unstable, unpredictable time a little easier.  Whether you are a first time buyer, devoted collector, inexperienced or experienced responsible gun owner, we have a team of professional staff that can help you select and order the right equipment for your needs.  We can do personal appointments either at our store in Morgantown, WV or via video chat to help you through your shopping and training experience.  Unlike most gun shops we have over 50 firearms that you can try out on our range before deciding on your final purchase.  Make a firearm purchase with Defense In Depth and receive a FREE TRAIL MEMBERSHIP for a month and $25 OFF PERSONAL TRAINING sessions.  Email one of our instructors below by clicking on their photo.  We are currently offering personal training sessions for new shooters, competitive shooting, AR Build, and Conceal Carry.