The largest indoor shooting range in West Virginia
Our state-of-the-art range has 16, 25-yard shooting lanes that are available for rent to the public and DID Members. Our state-of-the-art ventilation equipment and sound abatement allow for a safe, clean environment. Electronic controls allow you to choose your yard length and targets.

 About our range

  • Open 7 days a week to the public and DID members
  • 16, 25 yard shooting lanes rated to 50 BMG Rifle
  • Spacious shooting stalls at 4’ and 5’
  • Deep, private, bullet-proof stall barriers
  • Industry leading HVAC negative air system keeps air clear, smoke-free and lead-free
  • Programmable, touchscreen target system allows for customizable distance, 360-degree turning targets and timed drills
  • Sound abatement throughout entire range for an exceptionally comfortable shooting experience
  • Tactical range available for shooting on the move

Monthly DID Member

$39.95/month + $149.95 $59.95 one-time initiation fee
  • Unlimited, complimentary range use
  • Lane reservations up to 14 days in advance
  • Schedule range times over-the-phone
  • Express lane check-in
  • Discounted training courses
  • 50% off Simulator Room
  • 10% off ammo
  • Member-only sales and promotions
  • One free range trial when purchasing a firearm
  • Six (1 hour, shared lane) guest passes annually
  • $15 FFL (Federal Firearms License) transfer fee
  • Members lounge access
  • One free firearm rental per year (rifle or pistol)
  • One free machine gun rental on your birthday (Valid within seven days of date)


Defense in Depth Shooting Range
Defense in Depth Shooting Range
Defense in Depth Shooting Range 3
Defense in Depth Shooting Range 4
Defense in Depth Shooting Range 6
Defense in Depth Shooting Range 5

Walk-in Lane Rental

  • $19.95/hr pay as you go
  • $9.95 for a second shooter, same stall
  • $14.99 firearm rentals
  • Eye protection available for rent or purchase
  • Ear protection available for rent or purchase
  • Lane reservations are DID Members only


With over 800 simulator scenarios, there is something for everyone.
Defense in Depth Simulator

Simulator scenario categories include:

  • Home invasion
  • Zombie attacks
  • Wild West shootout
  • Shooting games
  • Active shooter scenarios
  • And so much more!


Live Fire Simulator

The latest in shooting range simulation technology has arrived at DID! Our two live-fire simulators are mounted in the shooting range and allow users to fire live rounds at a 42"x 42" video projection target. Compete against other live-fire users in the range or beat your own high score, this new simulator will push your accuracy and reaction time to their limits.

Simulator Room

Our 180-degree, 33' wide simulator offers life-size scenario training and entertainment for up to 12 shooters. Laser operated training weapons come with CO2 powered recoil kits and life-like shooting on different scenarios that range from home invasions to shooting games and zombie attacks.

Simulator Room Pricing

DID Members save 50% 
15Min  $14.99
    Additional Shooter(s): $7.99 each
30Min  $24.99
    Additional Shooter(s): $12.99 each or a Group of 4 or more for $59.99
60Min – $44.99
Additional Shooter(s): $21.99 each or a Group of 4 or more for $109.99    


Never held a gun before?

Our simulators are the perfect place to start. We can start you in our simulator room and work your way to our shooting range.

The simulator room is incorporated into DID Master’s Academy training curriculum and will be a great place for new shooters to train before entering the range.


New Shooter Bundle

The classroom portion for our First Shooter program ensures you are prepared, safe, comfortable and ready to hit the range. One of the great things about being a new shooter at DID is you can take advantage of our New Shooter Bundle. This bundle is only $49.99 (valued at $89.99) and includes:

  • 30 minutes of private instruction from one of our Range Safety Officers
  • One hour of range time
  • One handgun rental
  • One target
  • One box of ammo



Andrew Royce

Defense in Depth Instructor


Malcolm Rogers

Gunsmith and Instructor


Nathan Quarantillo

Defense in Depth Instructor


Steve Griffith

Defense in Depth Instructor


Carl Lamb

Defense in Depth Instructor

You don't need a gun to protect the ones you love.

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